*** The OPMA supports the Motion approved by the Ontario Legislature on November 27 to develop a "comprehensive and integrated" Lyme Disease Strategy for Ontario. In particular, the OPMA hopes that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care will improve the information it makes available to help the public and health care practitioners prevent, identify, diagnose and treat Lyme Disease before the Lyme Season begins in 2015. *** 


The Ontario government is considering adopting a podiatry model of foot and ankle care to allow Ontario podiatrists to use all of their training to better serve their patients, as podiatrists can now do in Alberta, British Columbia, Québec, 47 States and the District of Colombia in the United States. The proposal is set out and explained in detail at:


If you have had a positive experience with the podiatrist, we ask you to relate your experiences and support adopting a podiatry model by sending a letter to the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council. Its postal address is:


Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council

56 Wellesley St. W, 12th Floor

Toronto, ON. M5S 2S3

Attention: Second Consultation - Chiropody and Podiatry Review

The e-mail address is: HPRACSubmissions@ontario.ca


If you have the time to read the full proposal and respond to the Council's questionnaire, you can do so online at: https://questionpro.com/t/AG3RVZR8zU

To be considered, all comments have to reach the Council by no later than the end of March.



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