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Canadian Podiatrists Volunteer on Walk to Conquer Cancer

On September 12th, the Walk to Conquer Cancer was held in Toronto. Over 4,500 walkers took part, raising over 7.5 million dollars. Members of the Ontario Podiatric Medical Association (OPMA) offered their services at the various stops along the route. They provided foot care ranging form blister care to applying strapping for the multiple foot and ankle strains.

Under the lead of Dr. Neil Naftolin, the other podiatrists who offered their assistance were Drs. Steve Haber, Sam Ber, Bob Chelin  Kel Sherkin, and Danny Rosenthal.

Drs. Neil Naftolin (far right),  Steve Haber (far left and front row), Sam Ber, Bob Chelin (left back row) Kel Sherkin, and Danny Rosenthal.

Source: PM News [9/17/15]


The OPMA is working very hard for all podiatrists in Ontario and for those podiatrists who one day may wish to return to practise full scope podiatry in Ontario. The review by the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council is bringing us closer and closer to success. If you are a DPM practising in Ontario as a podiatrist, or as a chiropodist, or if you are DPM practising outside of Ontario, but may wish one day to return, please join the OPMA TODAY and help us get the job done for you.

For in-province practitioners, join by completing and submitting the following form (click here). Membership Fee $1,667.

For out-of-province practitioners, join by completing and submitting the following form (click here). Membership  Fee $50.


The Ontario government is considering adopting a podiatry model of foot and ankle care to allow Ontario podiatrists to use all of their training to better serve their patients, as podiatrists can now do in Alberta, British Columbia, Québec, 46 States and the District of Colombia in the United States. The proposal is set out and explained in detail at:


If you have had a positive experience with the podiatrist, we ask you to relate your experiences and support adopting a podiatry model by sending a letter to the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council. Its postal address is:


Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council

56 Wellesley St. W, 12th Floor

Toronto, ON. M5S 2S3

Attention: Second Consultation - Chiropody and Podiatry Review

The e-mail address is: HPRACSubmissions@ontario.ca


HPRAC has extended the deadline for submissions to March 31, 2015. 

If you have the time to read the full proposal and respond to the Council's questionnaire, you can do so online at: https://questionpro.com/t/AG3RVZR8zU

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